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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304
  • The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3)
  • Kate Bateman
  • English
  • 14 August 2020
  • 9781250306098

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review The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3) summary × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kate Bateman Kate Bateman ✓ 7 free read Wolff's offer of protection―and accommodation―at his gambling hell But living in such close uarters and aiding Wolff in his Bow Street cases fans the flames of their mutual attraction If Anya's true identity is revealed does their romance stand a chance Could a princess ever marry a rog. Review originally published at Romancing RomancesI received an eARC at no cost from the author and I am leaving a voluntary and honest review Thank youA Russian Princess and a Bow Street agent the perfect recipe for a different storyAnna and Seb didn t hit it off in the beginning especially considering that Seb believed that Anna was fooling and endangering his grandmotherThis forced proximity story ticks all the boxes for a romance from maybe not completely enemies but close enough to lovers with lots of danger history and sexy times in betweenAlthough I haven t read the previous books in the series I really enjoyed meeting the characters that formed the original ownerslodgers of the gambling hell where our hero currently lives It was very interesting to read about Sebastian s feeling regarding the changes in his life and how he was dealing with it which not the most common situation in romances You might have the teasing between friends saying you re the last one it s your time to find a partner but here we had the hero actually working through his own feelings of in a way losing his best friends even though they are still aroundI really liked Anna she was very fierce very determined very loyal and very resilient Not everyone would be able to change lives the way she did And she took control of what she couldAs they slowly fall in love we see some romantic gestures and how each of them pays close attention to one another The writing was compelling and the book had a good pacing An enjoyable read

review The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3)The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3)

review The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3) summary × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kate Bateman Kate Bateman ✓ 7 free read E mysterious woman is linked to an intrigue involving a missing Russian princess however Seb realizes her air of innocence was too good to be truePrincess Anastasia Denisova has been hiding in London as plain 'Anna Brown' With a dangerous traitor hot on her trail her best option is to accept. I received this book as an eARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was so funI have never read a Kate Bateman and I hadn t read the first 2 books in this trilogy I don t feel like I was missing anything but I am very excited to go back and read about the other two men of Bow Street who we see with their wives in this oneThis book starts off with a GREAT first chapter and it had me on the edge of my seat We meet Princess Anya as she and her maid are trying to flee Russia after her brothers murder We have a villain Petrov who is a traitor to Russia and he wants to make Anya marry him so that she can t turn evidence against him He tries to force himself on her and after her maid stops him they flee Honestly you will get SUCH Anastasia vibesWe pick up our story 1 year later in London and Anya is a companion to a wealthy Dowager Duchess and she encounters our roguish Hero Sebastian Wolfe when they encounter each other at a brothel She is there teaching writing lessons to prostitutes and he makes an outrageous offer for her services She lets him flirt and kiss with her before she leaves him with his mouth hanging openOf course Sebastian is her employers wayward great nephew and they encounter each other again when Anya is being tracked by Petrov The Dowager who knows who Anya really is charges him to protect her as he works for Bow Street and can keep her safe He knows her only as Anna Brown and thinks she was an acuaintance of the late Princess Anastasia and that s why Petrov is trying to get ahold of herSo this becomes a close proximity novel and the sexual tension is delicious Anya never thought she would live the life she is living now and though she is in danger she is free than she ever could have been as a Princess in Russia When Sebastian offers to teach her some pleasure she has to decide if she wants to live in the momentI loved this book from the beginning and I think it really kept things moving along nicely I loved both characters Sebastian is just roguish enough and his opening scene with Anya in the brothel had me blushing with delight It was a lot of fun too There is mystery they are trying to solve and some danger to keep things interesting Not to mention Anya is hiding her identity not just from Petrov but from Sebastian tooIf you love a uick fun witty and sexy Historical Romance I highly recommend The Princess and the Rogue I plan to go back to the other two books ASASP55 Royal Stars

summary × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kate Bateman

review The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3) summary × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kate Bateman Kate Bateman ✓ 7 free read A princess in disguise is forced to live with a rogue in order to protect her from danger in this fun sexy regency romanceBow Street agent Sebastien Wolff Earl of Mowbray doesn't believe in love―until a passionate kiss with a beautiful stranger in a brothel forces him to reconsider When th. Oh how the mighty fall Seb s story I think Bateman hit the mark with these three best friends and developing the stories around these guys They are humorous and definitely don t let their buddies get away with anything I love their loyalty and camaraderie and have just really enjoyed the seriesThis story is about Sebastian He s the grouchiest one I think So it can only be right that he gets taken down by a princessThe best part of the book is just the uniue flavor that the author brings This is not a run of the mill story loaded with drama and chatter Bateman works hard to craft entertaining sexy and uniue stories that suck you right into a time warpThe characters are perfectly crafted and I just love the slow to burn development of feelings We even have a touch of suspense to keep it interesting tooWith some twists and turns Bateman develops a wonderful story you can get lost in which includes a little bit of everything It s no wonder that I have enjoyed the series so very much I hope this is not the end However I am thinking we might be seeing a few of these characters again soonAwesome Read copy received for review considerationFull review